iKey makes your marketing online, interactive and mobile!

We have the key to your results – the iKey

ikey made for Microsoft

What is iKey?

We are introducing the most powerfull and effective direct marketing device ever – the iKey.

Only in one tap of smartphone or after put into usb port, iKey immediately directs to your website, landing page, product video, survey, game, coupon, voucher or invitation, whatever you like!

iKey is handy and it’s made of eco-friendly materials with autorun based on dynamic url – without storage – without malware!

ikey for Microsoft with NFC made by Schimmelpfennig Motion

iKey not only brings your marketing communication to live -
it just takes it to higher level!

Starbucks promotion ikey made by Schimmelpfennig Motion

Your benefits from iKey

In one move iKey gives your potential clients answers they search
and attract them directly. All to know your brand and products better,
like and buy. It has never been that easy! Get you iKey ->
iKeys give everything you need to move forward your online communication, like flat leaflets or brochures never will.
Existing in the Internet is the key to success, facing the truth – nobody buys products from brands that can’t attract online. People love to use computers and mobile devices in searching and buying process. Would you wait to be browsed and take pot luck? Don’t miss your chance, use iKey to be online and sell more! Go to order ->
iKey is all safe from malware or viruses. It’s phenomenal, doesn’t need scanning because doesn’t have any storage, just autorun with dynamic url direct to your www. Fast, easy and friendly! Try iKeys ->
iKey like all of our products are made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials and are easy to recycle. As you can change content,
iKeys are reusable, it’s simple and works! Get your iKey ->
Absolutely amazing is that you can change and update content in real time according to your sales effects – using the same iKeys in your campaign! iKeys apply nfc technology and dynamic url to direct visitors to your website instantly and attract them to become your leads. Watch and analyze purchase patterns to prioritize your offers! Know more ->
Researches show that direct marketing is now preffered method
of receiving information by customers. iKey helps you reach them directly and online simultaneously in one simple move! Just hand out iKey to your potential clients on events, promotions, with products,
as magazine inserts or in mail to make connection with your brand
and sell more! Order now ->
Create best quality paper iKey as advanced leaflet or minibrochure.
Why not make it as thin plastic card, magnet or use other imaginative shapes? Always in fully customizable shape, always online and efficient. Create your iKey ->

How it works?

Just put iKey to USB port or tap with your smarthphone and you are on right website instantly – it can’t be easier!

Thanks to dynamic URL iKey automatically directs to webpage or landingpage with your promotional offer, survey, video, contest, game, whatever you want. You can even ask your clients for registration or let them download files. As it’s fully trackable you get extremely usefull feedback from your visitors. Responding to that you can change content without changing devices!

DesignDetachDirect to URL
DesignDetachDirect to URL
DesignDetachDirect to URL
DesignDetachDirect to URL

Interactive side of ikey

Be online, interactive and mobile – attract customers!

Schimmelpfennig Motion iKey makes your marketing fully online! Wondering how to bring potential clients
on your website? Nothing easier – use iKey.

The majority of customers want to know product better before shopping. Introduce your product using iKey and attract clients
to your website! Handing out the iKeys you are giving an unique chance to know your advantages online! Clients can easily share your product
by socialmedia and like your brand!

Order your iKeys now

Enter impressive online communication with your clients,
get them involved!

ikey in magazine for Dubier

No viruses, no malware – no risk!

Give your clients comfort of being safe from viruses
and malware with iKey!

As iKey has no storage it can’t be infected, thanks to that it is Friendly to all devices. That’s great innovation as normal usb flashdrive can’t give you that sense of security!

no viruses and no malware - ikey is save for your clients

nfc connection with ikey

NFC technology built-in

iKeys, drawing upon safe NFC technology, work great also when client is all about mobile.

Just tapping their smartphone or tablet, only in one move clients go to your website with your campaign content instantly. At hand ready to watch, subscribe, like and buy! NFC technology keeps all data safe (unlike QR code).

Learn more

Measure, track, change content in real time!

Increase your conversion rate! SM iKey is fully trackable and you can control it with our Analytics. Check on and measure your campaign 24/7

The most useful is employment of dynamic urls, tracking them and measuring details of clients complex buying behaviour. That will tell you how to change content in real time concerning your client actions to fulfil advertising tasks. One week tags lead to your promotional site, next week it can be for example competition, all like you choose.
Get outstanding advertisement performance!

Feel free and creative

Show your brand in exeptional way, creating your special iKey! Choose any color, texture and shape to get your client’s attention!

Design paper leaflet or brochure iKey using eg. spot uv printing, foil stamp, embossed printing, matt or gloss finishing and much more always in the best quality. Build your brand image!

Make your own iKey

ikey design as you want
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background

Any shape to express your imagination

iKey gives you multitude options of customization in any shape and various materials!

Make your one in a million iKey from paper, magnet, plastic, or design your own 3D shape from silicone if you wish. Feel free in your creation to reflect your brand!

Newest OS compatibility

iKey are compatible with Windows and Mac operational systems.

You can be sure, that you reach out to your clients in fast and easy way with dynamic url, that takes them to your website! Benefit from new technologies with iKey!

ikey works well with all top OS

Schimmelpfennig Motion cares about eco

Eco friendly materials

iKey are made from eco-friendly components.
On every stage of production we use non toxic, certificated materials.

iKey can be reusable – thanks to dynamic URL you can change content and use the same iKeys few times! They are also easy to recycle and friendly to environment!

Please check our products page to know more about certificates.

Where can you use iKeys?

Our iKeys are the most efficient direct marketing devices, you can distribute it on events, shows, promotions, trades, concerts, meetings, competitions, as advertisement insert (in magazines), product supplement or direct mail! Thanks to iKey you have endless possibilities of promotion – it can direct to webpages with:

  • special offer,
  • product information,
  • game,
  • competition,
  • survey, quiz
  • product video,
  • coupon, voucher
  • catalog,
  • training materials,
  • loyalty program,
  • downloading documents, books, instructions etc.,
  • online form,
  • news,
  • invitation,
  • prompting to visit your Facebook, Twitter, Google+
    and other social media, all content that you need!

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